Post Traumatic Strength, PART 1. Workshop Recording

By Dr Kalanit Ben-Ari, hosted by Onlinevents

As therapists, trauma really informs our work. Many of our clients undergo life events that might be experienced as traumatic. Although traumatic events can be hugely varied in terms of intensity of the experience and the support (or lack of support) afterwards, their impact on one's life is undeniable.

The therapeutic professional body defines Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a condition that some people develop after witnessing or directly experiencing a traumatic life-threatening event. Such experiences impact one's sense of safety, ability to trust others, unpredictability, sense of control, self-doubt, and emotional disconnect from one's self and others.

Yet, we know that the body and mind are doing exactly what they should do when in distress, and that it is the client's inner and external resources, resilience and strength that not only help them to survive, but also become a significant part of who they are following the event.

In this 2 hour talk hosted by Onlinevents, Dr Kalanit Ben-Ari presents her concept of Post Traumatic Strength when working with clients. Shifting our mindset about trauma and its implications, as therapists, will support our clients to develop empowering and inspiring narratives about their past experiences, while honouring past stressful events. These new narratives and perspectives will support them to move from living with a traumatic mindset to a life worth living.

Dr Ben-Ari shares her approach, based on two decades of working as a therapist with several integrative models. You will leave this talk armed with practical ideas for how to support and empower your clients within the therapy room and beyond.

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Your Instructor

Dr. Kalanit Ben-Ari

Dr Kalanit Ben-Ari is the Chair of Imago Relationship Therapy UK, author, trainer, supervisor, and advanced couples therapist for almost two decades. She is an Associate member of the Imago International Training Institute and author of two books: Small Steps to Great Parenting: An Essential Guide for Busy Families, and children's book The Lost Book.

Kalanit is an international speaker who facilitates training around the world and online and she is also a certified Brainspotting and Neurofeedback therapist.

Kalanit gained a BA and an MA in Clinical Social Work, specialising in Clinical Child Development, at the University of Haifa, Israel and a Doctorate in Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London. Her main research area was the influence of psychological processes and childhood experiences on adult romantic relationships.